Yamaha TRB1005J

Yamaha basses cover a huge range from beginner instruments for just over £100 to customs for many thousands. The TRB range has been around for over 20 years and has always been the flagship product. This bass was introduced in 2010 is the lowest priced TRB available . We tested a brand new model with a natural finish straight out of the box.

The first thing that strikes you is the is the finish on this bass.  It’s an exceptionally attractive instrument. The quilted maple veneer is flawless and the rosewood fingerboard is beautifully finished, as are the frets.  The scale is an unusual 35 inch as opposed to the more normal 34 inch.  This adds extra definition to all strings particularly the low B.  The TRB1005J has two Alnico humbucking pickups and a three band active EQ.  Power for this is provided by a nine volt battery accessible via a cover to the rear of the instrument.

We were expecting a very heavy instrument and were pleased to note that this was not the case, and that suitable consideration has been given to ensuring that the balance is excellent.  It takes a little while to get used to the 35 inch scale but the player is rewarded with a very precise playing experience.  Also worth noting is the satin finish on the rear of the neck which makes for smooth movement and the 6 bolt sculpted neck joint allowing easy access to the higher registers.  The overall sound is hugely versatile, ranging from top end treble which is ideal for slapping to a huge range of mellow and rich tones.  In the past some Yamaha Instruments with active circuitry have been a little harsh but a lot of work has been done with this instrument to ensure that this is avoided.

Yamaha basses have always represented excellent build quality and value for money and this bass is no exception. It’s difficult to find fault with this instrument.  Yamaha have put an enormous amount of thought into producing something affordable without obviously cutting corners and have applied production values which ensure an instrument of the highest quality.  We have no hesitation in recommending the TRB1005J.

Body Alder with quilted maple veneer
Neck Maple, with satin finish and 6 bolt joimt
Fingerboard Rosewood 19.11/16” Radius
Frets 24
Pickups 2 Alnico humbucking Pickups
Controls 1 Volume 1 Pickup Balance 3 band EQ
Bridge Solid Brass
Machine Heads Yamaha
Hardware Chrome
Scale Length 35” (889 mm)
Neck Width at Nut 1.50” (38mm)

More information: Yamaha